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​​​​​​Northland Wood Productsis a company that was born of the success of its sister company, Northland Custom Flooring Inc. and by the innovation and ingenuity of entrepreneur Chris Bickerton.
Chris has been honing his skills in the construction of high end custom-built homes for over 20 years, studying under the mentorship of the premier builders in the industry. For the last 18 years he has focused exclusively on installation and refinishing of flooring. Through his experience and understanding of his clients’ needs, he innovated an entirely new product that preserves the benefits and eliminates the disadvantages of currently available hardwood flooring options. In an industry where reputation is paramount, Chris's long history of above-and-beyond customer service, his exacting standards and skill in flooring installation and refinishing are well known.
Northland Wood Products
produces an impact oil engineered hardwood product that is:

  • Beautiful, high-quality, durable

  • Easy to spot-repair small areas with perfect results

  • Pre-finished

  • Customizable by types of wood, board width, textures, and a limitless choice of colours

  • Environmentally friendly

  • 100% Canadian, including all raw materials and manufacturing.